What are colleges doing to aid their student’s mental health?

The following is intended as secondary research for a class project.

Texas State University

Texas state currently offers telemental health services via phone or video call. Students can schedule a one-time appointment or an initial appointment with the intention of follow-up appointments if necessary. Options for in-person counseling are determined by the counselor during the initial appointment. The Telemental Health service is available Monday through Friday from 8 am — 5 pm.


Northwest University

After receiving feedback from their students, university orientation staff began presenting student testimonials from seniors and alumni on mental health…

This is the empathy map and user persona for project 2

Olivia 21 F

Junior Year

Likes video games, hanging with friends

Depression leading to unhealthy additions


I can quit any time

Denies her condition


Their world is falling apart around them

Doesn’t understand their feelings


Ignores responsibilities


Alcoholism/Substance Abuse


Like everything is slipping by

She doesn’t have time worry about her condition

Texas State App

The offical app has a tab that highlights news and events around campus. Once downloaded, the app provides loads of information on campus resources, including the academic calender, lab availability, shuttle locations, campus maps. There is also a News and Events tab that keeps track of Texas State led events.


  • Easy to use
  • Provides many resources
  • Utilizes Google Maps
  • Filters for search results
  • Filters for event dates


  • News and Events are mostly limited to workshops, Lectures, and Athletics.
  • Events tab has low student org representation.
  • Some dining options do not display hours for their individual options (Jones Dinning Hall)

Texas State Instagram


Who will be our primary audience, or those directly impacted by it?

  • Freshmen currently living on campus.
  • Commuters, especially those living outside of the San Marcos area.
  • Students looking for resources
  • Students looking for campus life

Who will be our secondary audience, or those who may still benefit from our solution?

  • Online students
  • Faculty
  • Staff

Dillan Gillespey

Texas State Student of Communication Design

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